Client Zone

The Client Zone offers a dedicated area for the client to manage all the engagements that they share with your company. From quote requests, to order management as well as queries, chats, and messages; these are all managed within a secure central client portal.

Quotes & Orders

Sub-Accounts & Lists

Requests & Queries


Product Attributes & Variants

Products are listed with their attributes and variants offering front-end users the ability to “build” a product according to their requirements.

Quote Requests - Front-End Catalogue

Catalogue can be set to Catalogue only (Optional Request a Quote) or as a Retail Store.

Replace Cart with Quote System

The option completely disables the default Cart functionality, hides prices, and replaces the "Add to cart" system with a "Add to Quote" system.

Users for whom this applies will not be able to see prices or order, and will only be able to add items to a quote basket and message you requesting a custom quote.

Registered Clients (B2B)

The Client adds the product to cart, as they would normally. However, instead of proceeding with the order as normal, they can use the "Request custom quote" button.

Registered Clients (B2B)

Managing quotes for Registered B2B Clients.
Firstly, the user adds the product to cart, as they would normally. However, instead of proceeding with the order, they can use the "Request custom quote" button. The user can also attach a message to the quote request. This enables the user to describe the specifics of their needs and situation.
After the quote request is sent, the user will see this as a "Conversation" in the "My account" menu. Since this is a conversation, the user and the admin of the website can now exchange messages, negotiate and discuss the specific needs and situation of the user. This is available to the user in "My Account" and highlights the benefits of the built-in messaging system.
Once a quote request has been negotiated, you can make an offer to the user in the "Offers Panel". The quote / offer is only visible to the specific user.
The offer's details are presented, and there is an option to add the offer to cart. Whenever a new quote request is started or a message is sent in relation to a quote request, the system automatically sends an email notification with the message content. This can be enabled or disabled in the Email Settings panel.

Order Management

Orders are managed within the Client Zone directly, with processing status and messaging in relation to any order occurring live within the Client Account.

Checkout can be configured to accommodate any specific B2B group's needs, such as additional delivery or and any other notifications.



What is a sub-account?

A sub-account is an individual account with its own username and password. An account admin can create, edit, and delete sub-accounts. A sub-account has permissions, including permission to buy, permission to view orders, offers, purchase lists, conversations, etc.

It is particularly helpful to be able set up accounts for departments and cost centres, enabling employees from these departments to place their own orders, with an administrator approving these purchases. Procurement lists can also be established for specific sub-accounts, limiting procurement to a basket of predetermined products.

Creating a sub-account

To create a sub-account, you must choose login details (username, email, password), personal details of the account user, and set what permissions the account has.


An account owner can manage the permissions of each sub-account and the user’s level of access. Permissions include:

  •     Place an order.
  •     View all account orders.
  •     View all account offers.
  •     View all account conversations.
  •     View all account purchase lists.

Purchase Lists

Purchase lists and multiple buyers per account

Purchase lists provide an easy, quick way for companies to order or re-order specific products used on a recurring basis.

The purchase lists are integrated with the sub-accounts feature. Permissions can be set and managed for each sub-account, managing list access and workflow capabilities.

Bulk Order Forms

A bulk order form helps companies and users to order quickly, especially as companies often know exactly what they are looking for, are repeating an order, or know exactly what SKUs they are searching for. The content of a bulk order form can either be added to cart or saved as a purchase list, for easy, fast access later.

The bulk order form is powered by a fast, instant AJAX-search. The user searches for the product, and it instantly appears in the search box. After a quantity is inserted, the subtotal is instantly, automatically calculated.

Client Engagement



Conversations are driven through a built-in messaging system. This allows easy communication between the website administration (admin) and users (customers or companies).

The messaging system is accessible in both the admin backend and in the user's my account. A conversation can either be a "quote request", a "message" or an "inquiry". Communication is further recorded by email notifications when new messages are sent.

Quotes, Inquiries and Messages

A quote request starts a conversation, where the quote request, quantities and specific situation of the customer can be discussed and negotiated.

A conversation can also be an inquiry or a message. Conversations can be started by the user or by the administrator.

Conversations in the admin backend

The website administrator can also respond to conversations or start conversations and users will be notified whenever a new conversation is started.