B2B Accounts


1. Customer Groups

Organise users in Customer Groups

2. Product Visibility Control

Product Category visibility:

  • Group-based visibility or individually set for each user. 

Individual product visibility: 

  • Category-based, or individually set for each product.
  • If individually set -> Group-based visibility or individually set for each user
  • Product categories or specific products available to only specific customer groups or only to specific customers.

3. Shipping Methods and Payment Methods

  • Enable / Disable Shipping or Payment Methods by User or Group

4. Extended Billing and Checkout

  • Extended billing and checkout through custom fields

5. B2B & B2C Hybrid Support

  • Plugin status can be “B2B Shop” or “B2B & B2C” hybrid
  • B2B features are hidden for B2C users.
  • Individual control over whether user is B2B or B2C.
  • Deep integration with other features:
    • Integration with registration: allow user to register as either B2B or B2C.
    • Ability to require manual account approval for B2B roles and automatic approval for B2C roles.
    • Features like “Quote Requests”, “Offers” or “Conversations” can be available to only B2B users.

6. Guest Access Restriction

  • For guest users, ability to:
    • Hide prices.
    • Hide B2B website entirely.
    • Replace prices with “Request a Quote”.

7. Conversations

  • Built-in messaging system between admin and customer.
  • Conversations section added in “My Account” for each individual user.
  • 3 types of conversations: inquiry, message or quote request.
  • Deep integration with “Request a Quote” feature:
    • Quote requests start a conversation and allow negotiation.
  • Deep integration with “Subaccounts” feature:
    • Multiple users can participate in the same conversation.
    • If a subaccount has “conversations” permission, it can participate in account conversations.
  • Conversation status: new, open, resolved.
  • Website admin can also start conversations with users.
  • New conversation/new message email notification:
    • Emails are only sent if messages have been unread for 10 minutes -> no email spam takes place.

8. Offers

  • Offers allow you to give users/groups specific items with specific quantities at unit prices. For example: 1000 boxes at R 0.1 unit price. You can give a user a specific offer, following a negotiation. You can also create seasonal or promotional offers and make them available to customer groups.
    • Add an unlimited number of products to offers and set quantities and prices.
    • Offers visibility: 
      • Group visibility
      • Individual user visibility
    • Offers section added in “My Account” for each individual user.
    • Each user sees only offers they have permission/access to.
    • Ability to add offers directly to cart and checkout from “My Account”.
    • Offers are ideal for negotiating with users.
    • Offers are ideal for creating seasonal or promotional bundles.

9. Request a Quote

  • Users can start quote requests from the “Conversations” section.
  • Users can start quote requests from Cart and ask for a custom quote for their current cart contents.
  • Quote requests are received by the website admin in the backend.
  • Website admin is notified by email when a new quote request occurs.
  • Quote requests open conversations and allow a discussion/negotiation between parties.
  • Guest users can also request quotes and leave their emails to be contacted.

10. Purchase Lists

  • Users can create an unlimited number of purchase lists.
  • Users can add purchase lists to cart.
  • Save cart contents as purchase list -> “Save as purchase list button” extends cart buttons.
  • “Purchase Lists” section added to “My Account”.
  • Create purchase lists from My Account directly.
  • Create and modify purchase lists through Instant AJAX-powered product search form.

11. Wholesale Bulk Order Form

  • Instant AJAX-powered product search form.
  • Instant subtotal calculation.
  • Save bulk order form contents as “Purchase List” for later use.
  • Modern, versatile, bulk order form design.
  • Shortcode allows you to add the bulk order form anywhere on the website.
  • “Bulk Order Form” section added to “My Account” by default.

12. Multiple buyers per account (Sub-accounts)

  • “Sub-accounts” section added to “My Account”.
  • Each B2B account can create and manage sub-accounts for their company.
  • Sub-accounts can access the same pricing and products as the main account.
  • Set permissions for each sub-account: view account orders, place orders, view conversations, view purchase lists, view offers etc.
  • Set name, job title, phone number, email, username and password for sub-account.
  • Orders extended with “Placed by” column to show which user placed a particular order.
  • Account and multiple sub-accounts can participate in the same conversations (if they have permission).

13. Email Notifications

  • Email notification to admin about a new customer
  • Email notification to admin that a new customer needs manual review and approval.
  • Email notification to the user that their account requires manual review.
  • Email notification to the user that their account has been approved.
  • Email notification to admin and user that there is a new conversation/message/quote.

14. Dynamic Rules System

Through dynamic rules, you can set discounts (amount or percentage), fixed price, hidden price, free shipping, minimum and maximum orders (quantity or value), required multiples, tax exemptions, add tax or fee (amount or percentage).

Choose which products/categories a rule applies to.

Choose for which users or user groups a rule applies to. Can also choose: all registered users, all guest users, all B2B users, and all B2C users.

Add conditions to each rule: total cart quantity and value, category quantity and value, product quantity and value.

Example: a “free shipping” rule can apply only if the user orders at least R1000 worth of product and at least 500 pieces. This offers incredible versatility and full control over each individual user.


  • Different prices for different users for the same product: Mark sees R499 but John sees R399 for the same product.
  • Bulk discounts: pricing that gets lower as quantity increases.
  • Tiered pricing: X price for 1-100 pieces, Y price for 100-1000 pieces.
  • Minimum product quantity.
  • Minimum category quantity.
  • Minimum cart total.
  • Group-based free shipping: exclusive free shipping for certain customer roles.
  • Quantity discounts per customer group.
  • Minimum purchase threshold per customer group.
  • Hide prices for selected categories only.
  • Hide prices only for some products.

15. Extended “Re-order”

  • Reorder button added to admin my account orders view
  • Reordering adds a note letting the admin know that a specific order is a reorder of X order