Datasets, offering updated and managed product information, specifications, media, knowledge bases, and dynamic cost price management form the foundation of Intelliquote.

Dynamic Quotation Management

Manage quotations professionally, dynamically and accurately with IntelliQuote and current data asets from BrandHub.


Reliable product data with current and updated cost pricing is a critical requirement for any quotation system. At best, accounting systems can only offer an average cost in stock or last cost on any product – (should the product have been purchased in the past). BrandHub offers data sets that ensure that product data and costings are current and reliable.


Quoting is challenging because of the sheer number of products available from many different suppliers with component, attribute and other options making product information management difficult and time consuming. Dealers often resort to requesting cost prices from suppliers telephonically to ensure accurate quoting; a time consuming and costly exercise.

The BrandHub Product Information Management System (PIM) offers stationery and office furniture dealers access to product datasets for use within their digital framework. The website, online store, B2B e-commerce solution and IntelliQuote all draw the data applicable to the specific platform from a central BrandHub data repository. Live pricing for products can also be offered as specific datasets.

Product Builder

Many office furniture products create a challenge for dealers when it comes to quoting and product information provision because of all the inherent variables, attributes and options of the products. Office chairs and desks are available in many options, offering the end user choice and variety. With IntelliQuote, PIM and datasets the dealer can promote and manage these variations effortlessly within a secure environment.

Construct any available product from its variables with Product Builder and attribute data sets directly from the manufacturer to ensure the correct applicable cost price on any constructed article.



Tender and Contract Management
Secure application with encrypted communication
Convert quote to sales order / invoice
Reliable product information with accurate costs
Digital quote acceptance (Digi Sign)
Quote Vailidity
Document formatting, product images and covering letter