Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management (PIM)

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Product Information Management

The range of products available within the stationery, office product and commercial furniture industry is both vast and varied. It is continuously evolving, with manufacturers, brands and suppliers keen on expanding their brand influence, adding to their stable of products and associated services on an ongoing basis.

The listing of new products and the removal of those discontinued makes range management challenging, while the ongoing development and improvements to the products continuously change their features, specifications and applications, requiring the constant updating of published material.

The BrandHub PIM system has been designed specifically to assist the office product and furniture dealer with product costing. Product costs within existing accounting and ERP systems are mostly inaccurate, unreliable and require constant updating to effectively manage quoting and client selling prices.

The BrandHub PIM offers turnkey product content within a secure framework, with updated pricing directly from supplier price lists.


Challenges for effective Product Information Management

  1. Extensive application range and product diversity.
  2. Volume of products competing for need fulfillment.
  3. Product development and application evolution.

We manage and maintain a database listing of all the products available within the local office products and furniture industry.

Each product listing contains detailed descriptions, images, available video and other media, as well as the respective product codes, descriptions and packaging information for all the major manufacturers and suppliers.

The PIM is configured to enable price updates directly from the supplier price lists by upload or direct synching. Uploads can be set to become active at a future date.

Simple, Secure & Efficient

Select your required product listing from the PIM product database.
Map your product codes against the listing dynamically using the PIM.
You are now ready to integrate the data into your accounting or ERP system as well as any e-commerce and other digital applications through the available API’s.



Product content is collected from reliable brand sources and assimilated.


Consistent data presentation, specification listing, metric systems and conventions.


The product information is edited and formatted to ensure the appropriate representation within the relevant medium (Catalogue, website, e-commerce, digital marketing)


Content vetting and approval by brand owners.


Product information with costing and pricing options for use within any specific medium. Data is published, updated and managed through an API and can be client specific.


Fully secured and encrypted framework.

Accurate and reliable product costs.

Edit descriptions and information to suit your needs.

Multiple product description options for specific digital applications.

Analytical interface to monitor variances, fluctuations and exceptions.

All media and images digitally optimised for web use.

Supplier price list upload mapping templates.

API’s available for integration into 3rd party solutions.