A scalable and modular solution for the South African Office Professional

Fulcrum offers the Office Professional an end-to-end solution that manages all the client engagements, as well as the workflow processes that these engagements trigger, in a scalable administrative framework.

Quality content to fuel your engagements

To drive the framework, we provide updated product information and application knowledge, with current datasets to manage product data and pricing, and offer this as a turnkey managed solution.

The front-end, or public portion of the web architecture establishes your web presence and is the space that the public would visit for company and product information. The home page can be viewed as the lobby or reception to your business, the “go to” page for visitors and one that should represent your business and brand message professionally.

To further this end, the front-end should include all company information as well as a detailed service offering. The front-end also offers various contact points, should guests want to engage further with you.

The catalogue is deployed on the front-end and can be set to: A. Catalogue. B. Request a quote or C. Full Retail Store. The Knowledge Base offers background application content on mainstream office applications.

Our content team manages an industry catalogue comprised of all the prominent office product brands and locally manufactured products available in South Africa.

Existing ranges and portfolios are managed on an ongoing basis, while new supplier ranges and application content is continuously being compiled, developed, and offered to the dealer for publication.

By default, the system is setup to generate quote requests from both guests and registered users. Products from your catalogue are added to a cart, but instead of checking out, they are submitted as a quote request. The functionality can be activated and configured according to specific needs and preferences.

The PRO version gives you access to the back-end Quote Manager, to manage quote requests from users, as well as the Quote Builder to construct and manage all your quotes.

The B2B Corporate setup is aimed at the commercial office professional with established and continued relationships with their clients. The client views you as a supplier to their business and orders certain products or items or makes use of certain services from you.

The client would be offered preferential, discounted pricing due to their client status or type, and their relationship with your company needs to be managed on an ongoing basis.

Just like a traditional retail store is open to the public, the B2C Retail Store setup would allow guests to your store to add items from your catalogue to a cart, checkout and pay for the transaction in a single visit. Apart from fulfilling the order, there is no need to communicate directly with the buyer during the transaction, or thereafter. The user has access to an account after the first visit, but there is no guarantee of a revisit to your website.

This type of setup suits a Home Office Supplier, or a Back-to-School specialist.

A ticketed support system not only helps your clients get their requests dealt with expediently, it also helps you keep everything together on the same page, ensuring that day to day management is controlled and seamless.

Delegate certain support ticket types to specific employees and drive efficient workflow processes.

You can also track and monitor the time spent on ticket resolution, as well as the types of ticket requests, gaining valuable analytical and operational insights.

1. Bulk Email Campaigns

Bulk email campaigns can be constructed from any current template or from our generic media library and customised for personal campaigns. The campaign is constructed, distributed, and managed by the dealer in their individual Mailchimp account.

2. Trigger & Drip Mail

Trigger mails can set for specific predetermined engagements, such as after information is submitted from a form on your website. This ensures information and engagement continuity and instant access to information and resources.

3. Sales Pipeline

Manage your sales pipeline directly in the CRM module.

Anticipating and pre-empting client needs, while offering the framework for effective fulfilment is key to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Being able to do this within a dynamic framework also establishes and enforces best practices in the administration of these needs. Managing all client requirements centrally, with reliable data to leverage workflow processing, not only improves service delivery, but streamlines efficiencies as well.

Accounting For Non-Accountants

The intuitive & interactive system makes it possible for beginners to understand & work smoothly with trial balance, ledger report, balance sheets, income statement & more even without understanding debits & credits.

With the graphical dashboard, quickly view all important information like income & expense, accounts receivables, accounts payables, cash and bank balance. Flexible enough to accommodate & calculate any sales data. Get the actual scenario of total outstanding & received amounts, over-dues, partial & more with diagrams. Get automated reports like ledger, trial balance, income statement, sales tax, balance sheet just after keying a transaction into the system.

Manage detailed employee profiles along with leave requests, promotions, increments, and performance logs. The employee listing feature lets you add all the personal details of an employee in one place. Keep assessment reports, complaints, increments & every possible detail you need! Categorize employees into different departments & designations.

Manage all aspects of your employee leave right from a single place. Create leave policies, leave entitlements, holidays and most importantly the leave requests of your employees. The calendar shows all approved leave requests throughout the year. It can be filtered by department and designation for a more precise view.

With the built-in email templates in your settings and the announcements section, alert everyone at the office about important messages and notifications centrally.


Front-end Website and Catalogue

Mobile-Friendly and Completely Customisable

Company Content with Dynamic Contact Forms and Interfaces

Google Analytics and SEO Optimisation

Domain Management, Hosting, Updates & Backups

Legislative Compliance (Privacy, Terms of Use and other policies)


Datasets & Product Manager

Stationery & Office Products

Office Furniture & Accessories

Business Machines

Print & Tech Products

Facilities Management

Custom Products

Attributes, Variations and Grouped Products

Create dynamic product listings with attributes and variations providing an intuitive product selection process.

Knowledge Base and Media Library

Product application information presented for end-user need and requirement fulfilment. Media and video libraries updated on an ongoing basis.

Dynamic Categorisation and Product Tags

An application-centric approach ensures intuitive catalogue navigation with product tags and associations offering simple and logical product selection.

Inventory and Stock Management

Manage store inventory easily, track stock levels and receive status notifications.

Comprehensive Listings

All major brands, locally manufactured products and wholesale supplier product listings.


Integrate with ERP, CRM, and accounting packages through secure API.

Quote System

Request a Quote

Quote Management & Communication

Quote Builder


Retail Store vs B2B Setup

Customer Groups & Levels with Dynamic Rules & Pricing Options

User Roles & Permissions

Dynamic Cart with Payment Gateway Integration

Shipping Calculation & Delivery Management

Account & Checkout Customisation


Ticketed Support System

Request a Quote

Multi-channel support

Automate task creation and assignment

Know your contacts better


Marketing and Sales

Digital Marketing and Social Media

SEO Optimisation & Google Analytics

Lead and Deal Management

Sales Pipeline Management


Customer Relationship Management

Contact Management

360° Client View at Enterprise Level

Task and Event Allocation

Messaging, Email & Call

What the CRM Module offers you

Improved Informational Organisation

The more we know about our customers, the better we will be able to provide them with positive experiences. Everything that they do, and every interaction that they have with our organisation needs to be identified, documented, and recorded. To do this, we need to move beyond the sticky-notes and disorganised filing cabinets and utilise organisational technology that not only accurately quantifies and categorises data for easy future reference, but also makes that data available across departments.

CRM allows us to store a vast list of customers and any important information regarding them. Access to their file is convenient due to the cloud, so no matter who it is that is helping the customer in question, they will have the same actionable data instantly available. This results in less wasted time for clients and employees.



Overview & tracking of income, expenses, receivables, payables, balances.

Ledger report, trial balance, income statement, sales tax report, balance sheet.

Pre-loaded ledger accounts for assets, liabilities, expenses, income. (Customisable)

Create quotations and manage sales invoices.

Supplier Purchases and Stock Management

Receive payments from customers and make supplier payments.


HR Management

Create Departments & Designations

Create employee profiles with editing privilege.

Gather and consolidate all employee information.

Share announcements.

Employee Leave Management.



The Client Zone offers a dedicated area for the client to manage all the engagements that they share with your company. From quote requests, to order management as well as queries, chats, and messages; these are all managed within a secure central client portal.


Good business administration requires effective engagement points, efficient task delegation, and the requisite information available to satisfy need fulfilment. Fulcrum processes the workflow and delivers this as a truly exceptional customer experience.


Quote Requests

Create quote requests from the catalogue as well as for special requirements.

Order Management

Place orders and manage their fulfilment in the client dashboard.


Create sub-accounts and manage the users and their locations.

Order Lists

Create company or department ordering lists for specific requirements such as canteen and cleaning material or stationery items and allocate them to specific users.

Queries & Support

Chats and conversations – Manage engagement communication centrally with easy access to quote and order documentation.

Product Data

Comprehensive product catalogues with current and updated data and media.

Custom Website

Custom designed, responsive website, specific to your corporate identity.

Product Catalogues

Industry catalogues comprised of all the prominent office product brands and locally manufactured products available in South Africa.

Data Sets

Reliable product data with current and updated cost pricing, managed on an ongoing basis.

Dealer Administrators

Contact & Customer Manager

Dynamic Contact and Client Management - With 360-degree view of all your client engagements, with current statuses at your fingertips.

Quote Management

Manage all quotes, including customer-generated quotes from the website front-end from one central interface.

Order Processing

Automated workflow processing ensures that orders are managed expediently and professionally.

Product Management

Specific brands, categories, ranges or even applications can be published from available datasets with an integrated back-end product manager.


All engagements are logged and processed to ensure comprehensive customer support.

* Once-off setup and design fee of Five Thousand Rand (R5000 excl.) applicable.

You DO NOT share a common framework with other accounts.

With BrandHub you have direct control over database and system access as well as data security.

Built for the Office Product Professional

Custom designed, stand-alone website that presents your individual brand message in a unique and dynamic manner.
Access to our product repository with comprehensive brand listings, product information, images, and media, as well as knowledge base application material.
Build a catalogue specific to your business by selecting your preferred brands and suppliers, while customising presentation and navigation.
Datasets are provided directly from the suppliers to ensure that product information and costings are kept current and updated.
Vetted marketing material directly from the brand custodians, manufacturers, and suppliers, formatted and ready for web, shop and social media publication as well as bulk distribution.


Sub-Accounts and Departments

Create sub-accounts for specific company cost centres with multiple buyers and specific ordering lists. Users manage their individual delivery requirements and locations directly from their client portal. Set permissions: place order, view orders, view conversations, etc.

Quote Requests

Customer quote requests are handled within the specific client account. All quotes and offers are handled seamlessly within the client portal. The front-end catalogue can also be set to receive quote requests from guest users.

Bulk Order Form

A B2B, quick, bulk order form to re-order preferred consumables within the office. No need to browse the catalogue for preferred products and variations. The form can be saved as department lists for designated users based on their specific requirements.

Guest Access Control

Display your full product range without pricing in catalogue mode, while offering guests the option of logging in to see prices. Guests are also able to request a quote or communicate about a product directly (ask a question).

Dynamic Rules & Pricing

Different prices for the same product based on level or group assignment, as well as tiered pricing setups. Contract price management for corporate group accounts.


Communicate directly with customers within their client portal. Handle quotes, offers and other engagements centrally within their account dashboard.

Business Approval

Review and approve business registration.

Customer Groups and Levels

Organise users in customer groups.

B2B Shopping Lists

Create unlimited lists. Add lists to cart directly.

B2B Customers Panel

B2B customers management panel.

CSV Import / Export Tool

Import and export prices for each business group.

B2B & B2C Multisite Support

Separate B2B & B2C sites in multisite.

Group Prices in Product Page

Set prices for B2B groups per product.

Product Visibility Control

Full control by group, user, category & product.

Easy Reordering System

Easy 1-click reorders. Order notes highlights.

Invoice Payment Gateway

Invoice payment gateway for businesses.

Shipping Methods Control

Enable shipping methods by user / group.

Advanced Email Notifications

Emails for registration, messages, quotes, etc.




Custom Website

Custom designed to represent the individual brand and corporate identity. Layout customisable to specific operational objectives with a broad range of functional options.

Product Information

We offer access to our product repository; comprised of products from all the major manufacturers, brands and suppliers represented within South Africa.
You simply publish a catalogue of products selected from the repository and customise the categorisation and layout to suit your specific business objectives. Add additional products of your choice to ensure that your catalogue represents your full product offering at all times.


Critical to any successful online strategy is current and accurate data. We offer datasets directly from the source suppliers to ensure that product information and pricing is always current, updated and accurate.

Integration and Management

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with leading accounting packages and ERP platforms, while offering scalability and additional functionality through a range of components and applications that integrate into your specific web architecture.

Domain-Specific Installation & Security

With BrandHub you always own your data. All solution software is installed and deployed directly from the specific client domain with a dedicated database. Website interfaces and the data generated is restricted to your client transactions only.