Help Desk & Support

BrandHub offers a full suite of digital solutions designed to streamline the client contact points while improving the overall service experience.

Powerful Case Management

Drive agent productivity through the entire case lifecycle. From creation and assignment to resolution and closure.

Manage cases effortlessly

Transform requests for support across any channel, into a case that's automatically linked to the contact that started it. assign it to a support agent, see time remaining on the case's SLA, and suggestions for how to resolve the case automatically pulled from an internal FAQ for fast resolution.

Automatic case assignment

Answer every call for help, promptly. Fulcrum can automatically assign cases to an agent or a group of agents. Alternatively, assign cases manually while using metrics like agent load and availability to assign.

Prioritise cases

Customise lists of cases using any case data. Whether it's by SLA, issue category, a customer code, or any other criteria of your choice, use lists to see and prioritise cases based on the factors that matter most to your business.

Never miss a case resolution deadline

On-screen and email alerts and automatic escalations ensure that key cases are prioritized, and that you and other stakeholders know when a case or related task needs attention.

Multi-channel support

Your customers could reach out at any time across any channel. Fulcrum puts you at the ready to help them by automatically creating and assigning cases when appropriate for messages received via email, web-forms, customer portals, Twitter, phone calls, and chat.

Complete case histories at a glance

Get up to speed with every case instantly with a chronologically ordered case history that includes all interactions.

Engage Professionally Through a Private Customer Portal

A place for your customers to see and update tickets, view past quotes and invoices, share files, and access the knowledge base for quick answers to questions.

Your relationship history at a glance

The customer portal shows logged in customers elements of their relationship history with you. You can choose to let them see things like the status of recent tickets they’ve submitted; quotes, invoices, and a number of other records that you have related to them in BrandHub.

Exchange documents and files

Customers can share documents and files directly through the customer portal, eliminating the need for email threads and manual attachments to their contact records.

Knowledge Base: quick access to common questions

The customer portal has direct access to your company knowledge base, ensuring that simple questions don’t call for the time of your support team.

Create, submit, and update tickets

If the knowledge base isn’t enough to resolve a customer issue, customers can submit cases and attach files directly through the customer portal. Afterward, they can return to view statuses and update information as needed.

Boost team productivity

Centralise your multi-channel support on a single platform
Fully automate case creation, assignment, and resolution process.
Make it easy for team members to collaborate seamlessly to ensure quick case resolution.
Turn frequently asked questions into knowledge base accessible on self service portal to reduce case volume and help your team focus on solving more complex problems.

Gain actionable insights

Use the help desk insights to get real time visibility into your team’s performance and make data driven decisions.
Visualise the most important metrics such as case resolution time, team workload, customer satisfaction ratings and more to quickly identify bottlenecks and respond to them faster.
Schedule reports to convert raw data into actionable insights and find quick solutions to common help desk issues.

Improve customer satisfaction

Configure SLAs to prioritise cases, automate escalations and guarantee customer support reliability.
Establish business hours to set response expectations and support customers across time zones.
Send customer satisfaction survey to measure customer happiness after every case resolution.

Easy to use help desk software

Work on a unified platform to provide quick, consistent, and context aware solutions.
Get on-screen and email alerts on customer queries coming from emails, phone calls, chats, webform, customer portal or social channels.
Automate with a personal touch.

Resolve issues faster

Collaborate within and across teams quickly to get customer issues resolved in time.
Assign co-owners for a case when a different team is working on resolution without losing the visibility into the progress.
Get smart recommendation of relevant answers. Fulcrum’s intelligent system learns as you use these recommendations to throw only the best answers.
Use canned responses to answer frequently asked questions faster.

Collaborate better

Use @mentions to quickly get the attention of team members.
Create work orders and internal tickets to assign tasks across teams.
Exchange documents with customers right through the customer portal to avoid unnecessary back and forths.

Workflow Automation

Automate your team's repetitive tasks, enabling them to spend more time helping customers.

Trigger actions based on changes to a case

You close a case when you think issues have been resolved. If a customer thinks differently and replies back, Fulcrum can automatically reopen the case and send an alert to the assigned agent and supervisor to let them know.

Trigger actions based on a case becoming inactive

You work with a lot of customers, and things can sometimes slip through the cracks. Fulcrum can notify you if a high priority case from a customer you’ve tagged as a VIP hasn’t been accepted in a reasonable amount of time.

Automate case field updates

Update any case field using workflows. If an issue is categorised as a refund, for example, Fulcrum can automatically apply a refunds-related SLA that establishes how long you have to deal with the case. If a case is reopened, automatically set its priority to high. Or if an email arrives with the text “password” in it, the case can automatically be assigned to your IT team. With such granular automation, you can rest assured that cases are always categorized and addressed the right way.

Automate task creation and assignment

When a case calls for a specific action, Fulcrum can automatically create an assigned task, and alert the assignee to ensure that it gets done.

Import contacts from anywhere, automatically

Spend more of your time working with your contacts instead of on them. Whether you receive contacts from a CSV file, an email, a form submitted on your website, or a third-party app like Google Contacts, Fulcrum automatically imports them for you.

Find contacts using just crumbs of information using Fulcrum’s intelligent search tool

Fulcrum helps you find the right contacts to talk to. Search for a contact by name, or if you can’t remember it, use even partial information from their profile. If you often work with a subset of contacts, create a filtered list and make it a default view.

Know Your Contacts Better

With an actionable 360-degree historical view into every engagement they've ever had with you.

Get up to speed in seconds

Fulcrum shows you a complete history of your relationship with leads and customers. In their contact record you’ll find their personal information, notes you’ve written, and emails and calls you’ve exchanged with them. And if you’ve attached a file, sent them a quote, or engaged with them in any other way, you’ll find it there too, so that you can learn about them faster and take action sooner.

Take action with an email or call, or get assistance with a @tagged comment

Ready to engage? Send an email or place a call in a single click (& record it, too, if you choose). Or if you need assistance from an expert in the organisation before you can do that, @tag them in a note that instantly lets them know to take a look.

Know when to act with idle contact, activity, and other notifications

Fulcrum ensures that you’re always in the know with on-screen, SMS, or email alerts that notify you if a contact becomes active, idle, or meets various other conditions. Do this for contacts assigned to you or your team, or select individual contacts to receive notifications for.

Stay on top of your commitments with detailed tasks and calendar events

Not yet ready to reach out to a contact? Create a task to follow up with them later. Or if you’ve already scheduled a meeting, create a calendar event. Tasks and events are linked to the contact’s record so that their information is just a click away. Calendar events are also synchronised with Google, Outlook, and other calendars.