Manufacturers, Brand Custodians & Distributors


Brand Podcast Channels

Effective Brand Message Delivery

  1. Operational, brand and sales content and announcements
  2. Product showcasing
  3. Interviews

We manage the entire process of packaging your brand message from production, post-production editing and distribution.

Digital Brand Identity

As manufacturers, we rely on product dealers to resell our products to the end user. With a massive drive towards e-commerce, it has suddenly become an issue of the quality of the picture, rather than the quality of the product.

At BrandHub, we manage your digital brand identity, ensuring that your products are properly represented on the web, irrespective of the platform, application or dealer, through the provision of managed data sets.


The ability to generate quotations and manage sales documentation remotely within a mobile-friendly environment is a key business requirement today.

Quote and order management should be digitised and managed centrally within a mobile environment.

B2B Online Ordering

B2B online ordering should be encouraged, not only to streamline processes, but also to ensure more client engagement with web interfaces providing more direct control over need fulfillment.

Client inclusion in the sales process through customer portals and B2B procurement interfaces also lends itself towards more effective relationship management.

Centralised CRM

360-degree view of all your business information in one place. One solution, to efficiently handle all your business processes. Everything you need to build a great customer experience.

It’s more than just having CRM tools in a mobile environment; it’s about bringing all that knowledge together in a dynamic business-centralised repository.


We manage and maintain a database listing of all the products available within the local office products and furniture industry.
Each product listing contains detailed descriptions, images, available video and other media, as well as the respective product codes, descriptions and packaging information for all the major manufacturers and suppliers.

Digital Training Platform

Converting your training to a digital framework is not only more cost effective, it is measurable, dynamic and ensures an informed sales channel.

Modular training with online evaluation, vetting and certification. Dealer sales managers are included in the process of product and sales training.