Procurement Workflow Management System

From seamless online ordering to full workflow solutions and procurement management enablers, our B2B solutions add real value to your procurement processes.

For the Client User - Corporate Buyer

Office product and stationery procurement remains a challenging, and often despised task and responsibility for most businesses. We all use these products within the workplace, so there are always needs that require fulfillment. The sheer range of products available is often overwhelming and from a financial perspective, spend is difficult to manage.


B2B System Features

Customisable & Scalable

Customisable & Scalable

From the small enterprise to the large corporate, the system is able to manage the digital procurement needs of all end-user clients.
Requisition Frameworks

Requisition Frameworks

The system manages the entire process from the point of need through configured requisition and procurement frameworks.
Cost Centre Baskets

Cost Centre Baskets

Predetermined and established baskets, specific to departmental needs, adds not only to seamless requisition, but restricts procurement exposure to essential products only.
Branch & Department Management

Branch & Department Management

Multiple branch and multiple cost centre accommodation is managed down to individual user level according to end user company requirements.
Authorisation Channels

Authorisation Channels

Procurement control is maintained through authorisation levels and simple requisition / purchase order vetting and approval, with a full reporting interface offering diagnostic information.
Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics

A finger on the pulse, control over expenditure and process management is enabled through a strong reporting and analytical interface, offering comprehensive, customisable and intuitive reporting and analytics.
Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Workflow configuration accommodates document flow through predetermined channels. Client processes can be mapped out and managed in a continuously changing working environment, ensuring efficient workflow processing.
Stock Management

Stock Management

Critical stock management available at company, cost centre or store level.
Turnkey Deployment

Turnkey Deployment

Simple catalogue customisation and system configuration ensures quick setup and deployment.

For the Stationery Dealer

Managing client purchasing centrally offers the dealer many benefits: Live pricing eliminates the need for time consuming quoting, product requirements are detailed correctly on orders reducing product returns, efficiencies are optimised and the overall client experience is improved.

Client Manager

One platform to manage client baskets, live pricing and process management. Client service agreements and supply tenders can be managed intelligently within a secure framework.


Live pricing offers the ease of being able to manage all quotations and tenders in a central client zone.

Reports & Analytics

Individual client data and reports, or general process diagnostics and analytics is available through a strong administrative reporting interface.

Live Client Pricing Matrixes

Configure custom pricing matrixes for individual clients and the system manages all product cost variations to deliver live pricing to all your clients, all of the time.

SLA Management

Client service agreements and supply tenders can be managed intelligently within a secure framework.

Training & Support

Full training, deployment and support is available for both the dealer as well as the end user.

Mobile Dealer Solutions

The QM Dealer solution offers various enterprise applications, utilities and solutions in a mobile environment. Industry catalogues and updated datasets ensure that client and supplier interactions occur in real time.

Designed to meet the requirements of the South African market, QM Dealer offers a dynamic quotation system, CRM utilities, supplier, catalogue and product management with strong reporting capabilities, all in the cloud so you can manage your business wherever you are.

Scalable middleware offering full client and accounting integration, while managing key business processes on the move.


Simple, Efficient & Easy To Use

The client company is split into its constituent branches and cost centres (departments).
A basket of products constructed to satisfy the work requirements of the department is established and allocated to the cost centre.
Users are set up and allocated to the cost centre with an administrator to approve their requisitions.
Procurement and authorisation workflow requirements are mapped out and activated.
Procurement workflow is mapped dynamically from the point of need at product requisition, with authorisation levels, dynamic preferred supplier, purchase order management, goods receiving and stock control completing the transactional cycle.
An effective procurement system requires good product data that is continuously updated and kept current. We offer turnkey product datasets representative of all the products that are available on a national level within South Africa. Company catalogues can be seamlessly managed and pricing dynamically updated.
Intelligent analytics and diagnostics with a strong reporting interface offers management control over the entire procurement process.

The Product cost pricing is managed seamlessly and intelligently. Supplier price lists are used to keep the cost pricing updated, ensuring accurate cost representation across the entire range of published brand products. The system uses these costs as the basis to configure client pricing. A pricing matrix can be configured and applied to an individual client, that through a markup process publishes client pricing dynamically for the entire catalogue.

Client pricing is influenced by volume and other factors, and once this has been determined, an overall markup percentage can be applied to the client. The matrix can be further configured to specific categories of product.

Pricelists can also be established with specific selling prices for each product and allocated to any client or cost centre. These product prices remain firm until edited and this pricing takes precedence over any matrix allocation. Contract pricing is managed in a similar fashion to the pricelist, although the contract pricing is managed over the entire contract term.

Any client who has a pricing matrix applied to their account, does not have a pricelist allocated and has no products under contract pricing, has their purchase price dynamically calculated by the system according to the system cost prices. A change in cost price for any individual product within the catalogue will result in a change to all the clients' purchase prices of that product according to the markup value established by the pricing matrix.

Having been positioned in, and been providing digital solutions to the South African Office Products and Commercial Furniture sector for more than 20 years, we have had the opportunity to work closely with all the top manufacturers, brand custodians, wholesalers and suppliers. Through this involvement our content management team has assimilated all the respective brand and product information into an industry catalogue which we keep updated and current. Product information, specifications, imagery, variations, and other multi-media content is collected, vetted, edited and then updated on the platform.

The system comes loaded with the full Stationers' Catalogue. The catalogue offers a comprehensive representation of the major office product brands and wholesale distribution products in South Africa. All that the dealer has to do, is to deselect the brands and products that they choose not to represent and a personal and business-specific catalogue and product listing is generated. Simple product categorisation also ensures that products are published according to the target market requirements. Products can be added to compliment the dealer product offering.

Workflow processes that manage document and procurement processing along the usage chain can be devloped and implemeted for each individual client.

Requisition Interface - Workflow processing is initiated by the user at the point of need through the generation of a product requisition. Users manage their own profiles and can manage the content of their product baskets if these have not been locked.

Authorisation - The cost centre administrator receives a copy of the requisition by email, which they can either authorise or reject directly from their mail. The administrator also has the ability to edit the requisition and a message is sent back to the user informing them of these changes.

The Purchase Order can either be collated under one company order or as individual cost centre purchase orders to ensure distribution directly to the cost centre.

Requisition processing can be automated in cases where authorisation is not required as part of the procurement process. The requisition is automatically processed into a purchase order.

Purchase Order Processing - Purchase orders can be collated and processed by an administrator, or the system can be configured to send all the purchase orders on a specific day and time to coordinate delivery.

The purchase order processing can also be automated, which results in a requisition being sent directly to the stationer as an official order, once it has been processed.

Goods Receiving Interface - For clients who manage a store at company level or stock at cost centre level, the system's goods receiving interface offers order validation and fulfillment opportunities, with back-order management capabilities.

Picking Slip - Once an order has been captured in the goods receiving interface, the system emails the users who have placed requisitions collated within the particular purchase order a picking slip  initiating collection of the available ordered products.

Critical Stock Management - A critical stock item is one that if not replenished immediately after depletion, will influence the user's working ability. The critical stock management system ensures sufficient stock availability of all critical items.

The system is fully configurable and scalable, offering the client unlimited configuration options.

To accommodate national contracts, multiple branch setup can be facilitated under a single account, irrespective of regional pricing differences or not. The client company can be further segmented into the required cost centres or departments. An administrator(s) is allocated who authorises and processes requisitions from users within the cost centre. Cost centre-specific product baskets can be loaded specific to the individual needs and requirements of each department and these can be further locked to prevent maverick spend.

Users are assigned to a designated cost centre and their requisitions reflect the delivery address and other cost centre details. Cost centre administrators authorise and process the requisitions for the specific cost centre and budgets can be established to help manage spend. Company administrators have the ability to manage the account, authorise all documentation, create cost centres, assign users and access reporting.

The client company administrator is provided account management capabilities, allowing them to create users and cost centres, manage baskets, view reports and manage the account.
The system offers a wide range of procurement reports detailing spend at a company, cost centre and user level. Procurement trends are monitored and product usage is analysed. Custom reports can also be created and implemented.