Custom Website

Mobile-friendly and completely customisable

Comprehensive Catalogues

Product repository with updated datasets

Live Pricing

Reliable product information with live pricing

Quote Management

Quote request administration

Built for the Office Professional

Customisable Solutions

We develop custom catalogues for furniture professionals that represent their specific product offering comprehensively and professionally.

Product Presentation

We present products and ranges as custom solutions, aimed at satisfying the needs of specific industries or target markets.

Quality Engagement

We strive to ensure that engagement is encouraged and processed through the website, with administration managed seamlessly through the mobile app.

User Experience

We offer a front-end user experience that builds trust and brand value, while offering intuitive interfaces, quality content and reliable data.

Content is KING

We always develop quality content that is relevant, vetted and offers value to the user, while ensuring informed and confident procurement decisions.


We place a strong focus on data protection and web security. All our data is managed responsibly and we ensure that processes are established to monitor and ensure your web and data integrity.

We offer access to our product repository representing the product ranges from all the prominent and established local South African manufacturers. The dealer has the ability to customise their catalogue from these products, grouping products and recategorizing them according to the specific dealer offering. Product specifications, variations, specific attributes, and warranties are determined by the manufacturer.



*Once-off setup and design fee (R 5,000) includes:


Domain Registration

If you have an existing domain, we will only host the website, leaving the domain and email with your existing service provider

Software Installation

We do a fresh installation of the software and build your presence from scratch.

Catalogue Customisation

Product selection is from the repository. Publish and categorise according to your specific offering. Additional products from custom suppliers can also be added.

Website Setup & Design

Custom look and feel, web structure & layout specific to your corporate identity and brand message.

Testing & Training

We offer full training as well as user guides, online resources and a ticketed support system.

Scalable Solutions

Custom designed, stand alone website that presents your individual brand message in a unique and dynamic manner.
Access to our product repository with comprehensive brand listings, product information, images and media, as well as knowledge base application material.
Build a catalogue specific to your business using your preferred brands and suppliers and customise presentation and navigation.
Datasets are provided directly from the suppliers to ensure that product information and costings are kept current and updated.
Vetted marketing material directly from the brand custodians, manufacturers and suppliers, formatted and ready for web, shop and social media publication as well as bulk distribution.

SLA (Sales Level Agreement)

We present you with a comprehensive SLA which assures that we work with your personal and confidential information in a responsible manner and that all your data and information is protected and safe.

You DO NOT share a common framework with multiple accounts.

With BrandHub you always own your data. All solution software is installed and deployed directly from the specific client domain with a dedicated database. Website interfaces and the data generated is restricted to your client transactions only. You have direct control over your databases, system access, as well as data security.

Ensuring Quality Data and Reliable Information

  • Comprehensive Product Information, Specifications and Detail.
  • Images, video, renders, animation and other media.
  • Product variations and attributes.
  • Supplier Information: Lead Times, Codes & Pricing Structures.
  • Marketing Material.

Content - Knowledge Base Blog

We are constantly developing content to enhance the user experience through the provision of topical blog content that is relevant and professionally constructed as part of the broader content framework. The Knowledge Base offers application and trend information, directly from suppliers, brands, and other invested parties.



Catalogue & Product Management

Product ranges and portfolios are managed on an ongoing basis, while new supplier ranges, knowledge bases and application content is continuously compiled, developed and offered to the dealer for web publication.


Domain Management, SSL Security Management, Website Hosting, Security, Software Updates, Website Backup Management and Spam Control.


Managed data sets provide the current cost price information as well as updated product information, specifications and any other related data required to facilitate the required transactional processes.

Brand Marketing Material

Provision of all available brand marketing material and promotions for web and digital marketing use, provided directly by the brand custodian, or supplier.


A ticketed support system is available, with knowledge bases, FAQ's and User Guides. Online chat and meet options also available, with podcasts delivering brand content.


We are committed to providing support that ensures:
  • All product information is updated and correct.
  • Functioning framework, with strong hosting environment.
  • Training, manuals, online resources, and ticketed support.

Professional Website

We offer a custom designed website specific to your corporate identity. Responsive design ensures that the brand content and message is accessible on all devices, all of the time and in a manner that offers a professional representation of your company.

Responsive Development

Ensures that your website is visible on all platforms and optimised for all devices.

Personalised Design

Custom look and feel, web structure and layout according to corporate identity and brand message.

Company Content

Portfolio, service offering description, recent projects, galleries, accreditation and other client content.

All the Features

Dynamic Contact Forms, Quote Request Utilities, Google Analytics with Social Media & Google Maps Integration.


Domain Management, Website Hosting & Email, Software Updates & Website Backup Management.


Legislative Compliance. Privacy, Acceptable Use and SPAM Policies.

Industry Catalogues

Being actively involved in the SA Office Products and Commercial Furniture industry, we are able to publish and manage the product catalogues and portfolios of all the major manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa.

Existing ranges and portfolios are managed on an ongoing basis, while new supplier ranges,  knowledge bases and application content is continuously being compiled, developed and offered to the dealer for publication.

Quality Content

Professionally assimilated, edited and published for end-user consumption. Multimedia applications & dynamic content formats.

Current & Updated

New range listing and discontinued product removal managed in real time.

Comprehensive Listings

All major local manufacturer ranges and wholesale product listings.

Knowledge Bases

Product application information presented for end-user requirement and need fulfillment.

Personal Representation

Catalogue structure and product personalisation options ensure dealer-specific product representation.